So we have a pretty impressive stock of live performances filmed at the CYY studio or on the patio or in our studio "Y". Maybe some you missed! Since we're giving away tix for the Murphys sold out show March 15 in Boston, we thought we're unearth this one!

As you'll hear Ken say, they played this for the first time on our patio. Pretty cool debut! The band was just given the key to the city and were about to play a massive show at the Civic Center that night with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. First off they hung out at CYY, signed every single autograph anyone asked for, took pictures with every single one who asked for a picture and didn't rush at all. They had their wives and kids there in fact with them. It was a true family outting with our family.

I remember Ken or Al saying to people, "is there anyone else who needed something signed or didn't get a picture?" They were serious too. THATS class. Thats appreciation for their fans and our listeners. I've seen too many bands that haven't done a thing in music who have dogs_ _ t attitudes not stick around for more than 2 minutes. Murphys are just that cool. Always. Watch this very Boston inspired humorous tune as it happened live for the first time on the CYY patio! That was a great day, all day.