So with the recent news of a new Weezer record on the way, we thought we'd out this cool treat to get the Weezer parts tingling. Watch here! 

Here the kings of geek rock cover the kings of awkward alternative. Pretty cool to see drum legend Josh Freeze (A Perfect Circle, Devo, NIN, etc) sit in with the band, while Pat changes instruments and totally owns the guitar work. He nails that solo dead on baby!

Oh that reminds me of a time....

Back in 2010 when I was managing Spose, we were in Omaha playing one of those summertime festivals for an alternative station out there. On the bill; Cage the Elephant, Blue October, Stone Temple Pilots and Weezer. (I know, kinda nutty. You should have seen the 12,000 people singing "I'm Awesome", ultra nutty). Anyways, Spose is a HUGE Weezer fan so we watched their set from the side of the stage. I noticed someone different got on drums after like 3-4 songs. Pat walked down to the front of the stage and played guitar at that point. It was Josh Freeze on drums. Josh is amazing.

So later in the show, Eric Kretz from STP comes up and stands next to me. Pat jumps back on drums for Weezer and Josh runs off stage to grab a quick drink and a breather. Him and Eric start talking it up cause they hadn't seen each other yet that day. I couldn't help but grab a quick shot with them. That was cool to be next to two great drummers.

Anyways, I had to add that in there real quick. Sorry.

OK... back to the matter at hand. Weezerhead. Enjoy.