For those that just didn't get enough in Part 1; heres more of what went down and what I saw during my time away in December.

So I realized how old I am becoming because I'm enjoying old school stuff more than ever. As a kid, eating these meant you were English or a grandparent. During my vacation over the holidays I actually enjoyed these cookies a few times WITH tea. I know, I party pretty hard. Hey, it was the holidays and you can put anything in tea really.

Even though I'm an old cookie eater and tea drinker, I'm still 12 years old at times too. I started collecting bobbleheads a little while back. Not any kind, just ones that are cool to me; different & unusual ones. Mostly musical. My collection is still small, for now. I do have Mr. Magoo, Larry Bird, Andrew WK, Iggy Pop, Dee Dee Ramone and now... Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo! I love that on this one, its the energy dome that bobbles. Ha! 

Saw this in a store. Is this needed? I thought the book on its own could get you laid?

While spending some time at home at my folks during part of my holiday vacation, I did some grocery shopping here and there. I gotta say, Market Basket in Nashua, New Hampshire is still the GREATEST grocery store in the world. Its the most well kept of all time. No less than 10 lanes open at all times, cool old fixtures, never out of anything, kids bagging & stickering wearing old school jackets/name tags on, people in EVERY lane lining up items to make them eye catching. I mean look at this wall! Who doesn't want to buy home cleaning products after seeing that!?!  

Went to see the Maine Red Claws play. Celtics guard Marshon Brooks was sent to Portland from the Celtics for some D League time. Hes playing well too. He only had 12 this night. The next night, 36pts! Red Claws have done an amazing job with this team & the Expo. Its a great time, everytime and every seat is decent. I was sitting front row luckily this game. AND I DIDN'T WEAR SUNGLASSES! Unfortunately, I saw the ass of Sringfield's coach Doug Overton in my face most of the night though. Ugh.

One of the things I purchased during my vacation I was most psyched about was this record. This is Little Stevie Wonder back in the early days. He played various instruments on this record highlighting how talented he was. I've never seen this record anywhere. Killer, rare find. Great listen. He's my #2 favorite songwriter of all time. He's way up high on my "must see live in concert" list. (Prince and Radiohead too)

I enjoyed plenty of that limited Ron Burgandy/Ben & Jerry's batch of Scotchy Scotch Scotch, but I came across this too. Willie has his own treat?! Good for him. I'm not into the flavor much, but cool. Surprised it wasn't like "Willie's Weed Cream" or something.

Day after New Years I saw this in the supermarket back in Portland. Ease up people! I still have tissue paper and confetti stuck to my shoes for crying out loud! Slow down!

I'm not much of a New Years Eve party person. Chinese food, some tunes, bad TV, reminiscing and I'm just fine. Guess I couldn't have asked for a better fortune that night!

Oh well, onward and upward! 2014 game on!

I hope your holidays were kick ass too!