Hey it's Mark. I know I was gone a while, but I didn't really use much of my vaca time until the end of the year hence, the long stay away. I love being on the air for you folks and everything but it was AWESOME not being on the air for you these past weeks!  So you're saying alright Mark, what did you do with your time. Glad you asked!

So to start off, my FIRST day of vaca I saw Queens of the Stone Age in Boston. Hows about that! First day of vaca and I'm seeing my favorite band play live! Not only did I see them play, but I got to spend quality time with the fellas before and after the show. Pre-game, Josh poured tequilla into champagne floots/glasses for him and I simply because... "it was Friday". He poured another cause, "why not". I couldn't aruge really.

josh homme backstage boston 2013



Oh and heres when I met Josh back in 2000 in New Jersey when I was living down there. Queens played a full electric set at the amazing, Vintage Vinyl!   

Anyways, back to this year... whilst back home visiting my folks in Nashua, NH I stopped by the home of my favorite pizza in the world, Espresso. #1 hands down for me. Looking at this pic is hurting me right now. Its a good hurt.

 I met this guy at Walgreen's. Put in a good word for a few people. It didn't work.

So while I was away, LONG OVERDUE news stuck the wire... finally after too long Hall & Oates have been chosen to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in April. I've done my own personal campaigns over the years as you can see from this picture. So I was psyched to hear the news. You'll be psyched to known I'm whipping up a little H&O celebration gathering in Portland in April. Stay tuned!

I ate ice cream during my time away. Not such big news cause I always eat ice cream, but I did get my hands on this little tasty delight... actually all 4 left at the 7-11 on Forest Avenue. Sorry. This is Ron Burgandy's "Scotchy Scotch Scotch" Limited Editon batch from Ben and Jerrys. I ate alot of it. Stay classy Portland!

Ok, enough useless vacation moments from me for now.... PART 2 COMING SOON!  Its good to be back, blah blah blah! Cheers!