CamSoda is the most advanced cam social network on the internet. Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular and with that, CamSoda decided to release an infographic which displays the most popular days/times of the week that their users are watching reality cam shows...state-by-state. The very interesting data is in the graph above and outlined below.

Weird to think that New York is tuning in at 4am on a Saturday morning. Oh wait, maybe not, that's around when the bars close. Texas is up and at 'em early on Saturday morning at 8am. What's the deal with Maine and the rest of the country? See below!


Alabama Monday 7pm 79
Alaska Wednesday 5pm 61
Arizona Wednesday 11pm 93
Arkansas Friday 3pm 83
California Tuesday 9pm 281
Colorado Saturday 10pm 112
Connecticut Monday 1pm 102
Delaware Monday 3pm 99
Florida Monday 8pm 129
Georgia Monday 7pm 67
Hawaii Tuesday 1pm 79
Idaho Thursday 3pm 62
Illinois Monday 10pm 101
Indiana Friday 10pm 121
Iowa Wednesday 12am 100
Kansas Friday 3pm 89
Kentucky Wednesday 10pm 127
Louisiana Thursday 9pm 76
Maine Thursday 11pm 81
Maryland Wednesday 9pm 88
Massachusetts Monday 7pm 248
Michigan Tuesday 3pm 201
Minnesota Monday 8am 123
Mississippi Monday 3am 57
Missouri Thursday 3pm 78
Montana Monday 8am 59
Nebraska Tuesday 11pm 67
Nevada Wednesday 2pm 81
New Hampshire Monday 12pm 89
New Jersey Tuesday 11pm 252
New Mexico Monday 3pm 66
New York Saturday 4am 301
North Carolina Tuesday 5pm 92
North Dakota Monday 11pm 61
Ohio Thursday 11pm 67
Oklahoma Thursday 2pm 103
Oregon Tuesday 2pm 99
Pennsylvania Wednesday 7pm 159
Rhode Island Thursday 9pm 87
South Carolina Tuesday 5pm 174
South Dakota Thursday 8am 69
Tennessee Tuesday 10pm 71
Texas Saturday 8am 289
Utah Sunday 3pm 287
Vermont Wednesday 10am 88
Virginia Wednesday 3pm 212
Washington Wednesday 3pm 201
West Virginia Monday 2pm 189
Wisconsin Wednesday 5pm 176
Wyoming Friday 10pm 101