We love the view from our awesome studios overlooking Monument Square in Portland. One of our favorite things is staring at the Time and Temperature building and trying to figure out the wicked cryptic messages they put on the giant clock. Maybe you see it when you're driving on 295 through Portland. Usually we can figure these messages out. But this one stumped us: MAKE    4-23. OK, 4-23 must be April 23rd, but what are we supposed to MAKE of that?

Luckily, we know a great way to find out. The Law Offices of Joe Bornstein own the messaging rights to the Time and Temperature Clock. Maybe you’ve seen CALL JOE on the display. Joe also has a blog that will tell you what any of the messages mean.


Joe and his crew often give up this prime piece of promotional real estate to worthy non-profits. So MAKE 4-23 is for the Portland Public Library's second annual Maker's Fair, happening, you guessed it , on April 23rd.

According to the PPL:

Makers@PPL is a special event to celebrate maker culture, and bring together the talents and creativity in the community to share ideas and projects with others. Mark the day on your calendar – Saturday, April 23, 10 to 5 – and come ready to learn new skills, experiment with tools and materials, and observe stuff used in ways you never thought possible! Regardless of your background or expertise, this event will show you that everyone is a maker; after all, humans have been inventing and experimenting for hundreds of years.

Makers@PPL will highlight the importance of the STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts, math), and will showcase workshops and presentations that not only teach, but are fun and engaging.

Activities will be organized into tracks:

  • Arts & Letters
  • DIY
  • Food & Nature
  • MakerKids
  • MakerTeens
  • Technology & Science