This week marks the 50th anniversary of the Beatles arrival to America! With their appearance on the Ed Sullivan show other various performances, the British Invasion had begun. I'm not sure how much more important a time has been to our world.

Being a massive Beatles fan, this week means alot to me. Heck it means alot to anyone regardless if you're a Beatles fan or not. It was 50 years ago this week that EVERYTHING CHANGED. I don't say that lightly friends.

Everything changed after that time 50 years ago.

The youth, the adults, culture, radio, television, school, personalities, attitudes, entertainment, politics, normal everyday life; it all took a curve when those four guys started playing on Ed Sullivan's show. We saw the first real band. A band of brothers. A good gang. The most influential people in the history of music. Girls saw boys they had never seen at their high school or the soda shop. We saw rock n' roll from another place. You gotta realize many common people were probably introduced to the British via the Beatles. This was an ambassadorship thing as well as a cultural thing. It was a rock n' roll thing most of all and it all came together successfully.

This week I'd like to pay some homage to the Beatles to celebrate that time. If you love music, this week means alot to you. Trust me. I'm gonna throw up some Beatle-ish stuff for you to dig into each day here. Various stuff to entertain and show just how important this event was in our lives and how much of an impact it will have over the course of history!  

(ps.. i'm old so I know this, but cheers to those who know who those last 3 guys are interviewed. that is something really special I will say.)