If you're surfin', remember... there's sharks out there yo! Mick Fanning moved with the quickness during this incident here AND he was super lucky.  


You guys know me, I LOVE sharks. They scare the absolute s--- out of me too! I'm intriguing and yet horrified. Amazed and shocked.

They are both beautiful and deadly. At the end of the day, they're just hungry my friends. They gots to eat. They don't know us or what we're all about. They just don't they need about forty million calories a day.

Check out this recent surfing championship in South Africa. Even a three time world champ has to watch his ass. Check out what happened to Mick Fanning!

Pretty crazy right. You see the fin on that bad boy? That was a big baby! Glad there was a safety team standing by. I gotta think in THOSE waters, you need spotters.

Sharks are all abound over there. I find it best to not go near the water at all, but just watch others enjoy it and picture them dealing with the nightmare of battling with a killing fish the size of a car!