Just a few days after Christmas in 1934, the Edward J. Lawrence vessel burned and sank in Casco Bay. It's remains lay at the bottom of the bay to this day.


Just ten six masted schooners were built between the years of 1900 and 1909. During this time period, America's growth called for larger vessels to carry larger shipments of coal.

The Edward J. Lawrence was built by Percy & Small shipyard out of floatable hardwoods. It was an impressive ship at 320 feet long. During it's lifetime as an active vessel it managed to avoid shoals, ledges, and other common nautical accidents.

U.S. Coast Guard

The Edward J. Lawrence was docked in Portland in 1934 when a fire sparked aboard the ship. At 26-years old, the ship sank in Casco Bay where pieces of it's impressive hull remain partially buried under just 10 feet of water.

Divers can find this ship located between Little Diamond Island and Fort Gorges at 40° 40' 08" N, 70° 13' 08".

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