Last night was a bittersweet moment for so many fans of the ultimate underdogs in professional wrestling, WWE superstar Daniel Bryan officially retired. For more than a year, Bryan has been dealing with various neck and shoulder injuries but within the last few months, he had received an even more troubling diagnosis. His 15 years of tossing himself around recklessly had caught up to his body, specifically his brain, and that any additional concussions could result in serious brain damage. That forced Bryan to take to Twitter yesterday:

The hashtag Bryan used in his tweet rang true last night. Bryan was given the end of Monday Night Raw, WWE's flagship show, to say goodbye to the fans and tell his story. Bryan's mother and other family members watched from the front row. Bryan shared a touching moment with the fans, recalling the happiest moment of his career that took place in Seattle (the same place Raw originated from last night). Bryan shared that the final time his father was able to see him wrestle, the crowd from Seattle "hijacked" the show, chanting his name full bore for nearly 3 straight hours until WWE had no choice but push him into the main event picture. "i've never forgotten it, and I never will. Gratitude", said Bryan.

Other WWE superstars shared their thoughts through Twitter:

Kevin Owens, a longtime independent wrestler like Bryan.

WWE legend and a man with a similar underdog story, Mick Foley.

WWE's biggest superstar, John Cena.

And Maine's own, Fandango.

Bryan ended Monday Night Raw by asking the fans for one final YES! chant, the viral sensation that vaulted him to fame. WWE posted the video of Bryan's farewell via YouTube.