If you've always been looking to match the fashionable look of cowboy boots with the functional breathing of sandals, there's finally a product for you!



A family company out of Missouri has become an internet sensation in the last few days thanks to their new invention which combines a standard pair of cowboy boots with the comfort of sandals. Makes sense, right? For $50 (not including shipping and handling), you can get your hands on these "functional and fashionable" cowboy boot flip flops according the company's Facebook page. The idea for these came to creator Scotty Franklin while he was sitting on a beach in Alabama wishing he could keep his cowboy boots on but still feel the sand between his toes.......

JD's Take: Yes....YES....YESSSSS! I demand that the general public in Maine order these immediately. I take that back, some novelty shop in down east Maine should be on the phone with this company grabbing a stockpile of sizes. You know people from Rhode Island and Pennsylvania are never going to hear about these and will think that Maine created them when they pick up a pair. I love the inventors back story, just looking to have a lovely night out at the beach, but didn't want to lose a piece of his masculinity by taking off his cowboy boots to FEEL THE SAND IN HIS TOES. I think if you're wearing these, you're also required to be eating a hamburger, while drinking a Budweiser, while simultaneously setting off fireworks with some sort of patriotic country music song playing in the background. God Bless the U.S.A.!!