I've been playing this band for a little while on WCYY Spinout and every time I do, people ask about them. If you're not familiar with Superheaven, dig in kiddos. And you're welcome in advance!

photo: andrew schwartz

Formerly known as Daylight, the Pennsylvania band Superheaven brings back a 90's rock sound that I think a lot of people will cling to fast upon first listen. Mucho grande guitars! Great tones! Wall of sound! Epic stuff! For those who can dig it maybe think of Failure, but a bit heavier with a My Bloody Valentine blury shoegazing mist all over it. Killer bummer rock for a new generation. (if too bummery for you, chase it with a Red Bull and some Ramones after, you'll be golden!) 

It's got the sludgy slam of good grunge too, which is always welcomed in my home and stereo locations. I've always been a big fan of bands with two lead singers. Superheaven pulls that action off and it's a sweet touch. It adds just enough to shake it up some having that second voice. Luckily they cap it off with great friggin' songs. Bands can have have the most kick ass sound in the world but if the songs suck, who cares. At least that's how I feel. These songs are addicting I assure you. The record flows so nice. It's one of the easiest listens I've had in a long time. We need more records we can hit play or drop the needle on and enjoy til' it stops. Isn't that how it should be anyways?? 

Their latest album is called, Ours is Chrome and it's out now on Side One Dummy Records. The records super solid and easily one of my Top 3 records of the year so far. Side One Dummy is a killer label who's been known mostly for punk rock related over the years (Gogol Bordello, Gaslight Anthem, Title Fight, Anti-Flag, Restorations) Yet, they also dabble a bit in different sounds to solid success. Check them out for Violent Soho, Chuck Ragan, Xavier Rudd and The Lees of Memory (featuring members of Superdrag) for starters. 

If you pick up Superheaven's record and find out you've got the itch for more and you just gotta have it man, you gotta have more... look for their stuff as "Daylight". It's the same dudes just a few years earlier with a name they legally couldn't keep. Their Jar record is killer and punches speakers square in the nuts.

Anyways, enjoy your new favorite band, perhaps.... Superheaven!   




Cool video idea and hey my Side One Dummy radio rep Jamie is in it! She rules.


Superheaven, under the name Daylight. As you'll hear, it's the same goodness!