Red Hot Chili Peppers

Chad Smith, drummer, said at the end of 2014 that the boys are almost done recording their new album with a top secret producer. It's been described as unique, funky and super danceable. A title and release date still haven't been announced


Blink 182

Mark, Tom and Travis were scheduled to hit the studio toward the tail end of '14. Whether they did or not is unknown at the moment but last we heard Tom said "We would like to get that thing out by summer." It will the band's first since 2011's "Neighbourhoods".



M83 the name that Anthony Gonzalez goes by. He had a huge hit in 2012 with the song "Midnight City" and gave us a pretty awesome show with amazing lights at the State Theatre back in Auguest of 2012. Last we heard, 22 tracks were being prepared to record. The direction of the album is "very epic" and "very orchestrated".



Not going to say much about this other than it's long overdue and looking like it actually might be released this year. The band confirmed they are working on a new album and actually posted pics from the studio. Could this be the year that we get the new first Tool album since 2006's "10,000 Days"?


The Kongos

After a huge year in 2014 due largely in part to their crossover hit "Come With Me Now", the four brothers from South Africa are rumored to have their follow up out by this summer.


Imagine Dragons

The pressure is on, these humble group of guys are set to release their new album "Smoke And Mirrors". After 3 massive hits from their debut album "Night Visions, and the new song "I Bet My Life" quickly becoming another one, we'll find out what the band has to offer on February 17th.


The Offspring

We haven't heard much other than the band plans to get something new out there this year. IIf that happens, it would continue an interesting pattern, where "Splinter" came out in 2003, "Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace" in 2008 and "Days Go By" in 2012. This will be the Orange County band's 10th album.


Faith No More

Some said it would never happen. 2015 will in fact bring us a new album from Faith No More. The first single is unfortunately nothing we can play on the radio. Quality is not the issue at hand, it's the lyrics that are causing the roadblock.  "Motherf*%#er" is out there if you'd like to check it out on your own. Look for their first album in SEVENTEEN years to drop in April.


Breaking Benjamin

After a bitter break up that included a lot of drama and legal issues, Ben Burnley has reformed the band with a new crew and are scheduled to release new album this year. There show at the State Theatre on February 13th is already sold out!



Aaron Bruno knows first hand what it's like to have a mainstream hit with a song that doesn't have a whole lot of mainstream appeal. In fact, "Sail" spent 79 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100, the second longest in history.  In an interview with, Aaron says, "I love the first record, but this one is more mature, And who knows, maybe people won’t like it at all. But, I have a weird feeling that it may be a massive record. That’s how I feel when I listen to it. [Of course], anyone you ask is going to say that about their own shit, right?” No date yet but he's hoping to get it out there early this year.


New Order

If you're under 30, there's a good chance you may not be familiar with this post-punk/electronic dance band. New Order formed in 1980 and was an extension of the band Joy Division. After a couple of break ups over the years, these guys are set to come back this year with new music. Maybe you're familiar with Orgy's "Blue Monday". Fun fact: It's a New Order song! Bizarre Love Triangle and True Faith are a couple of other classics from the band.


Death Cab For Cutie

Ben Gibbard and the band from Bellingham, Washington are set to release their eighth album early this year. Their first since 2011's "Codes And Keys".