MAINE comes in at number 1.  According to this article from 24/7 Wall Street, Maine is the number one WORST state for Lyme disease.  Besides lobster and blueberries, Maine also has many grassy, wooded areas where ticks tend to live, so the number of tick bites increase.

Vermont is Number 2, for similar reasons - grassy, wooded areas = ticks = tick bites = Lyme disease.  UG!

New Hampshire is not far behind at number 4.  But, according to this article, we're catching up quickly - No state had a greater increase in the incidence of Lyme disease than New Hampshire.

Rhode Island is Number 5

Connecticut is Number 8

Massachusetts is the only New England State NOT in the Top 10.

Lyme disease is a terrible disease that so many people have been afflicted with, including my sister.

At first, she didn't know what was wrong.  Through her, I learned that it's quite hard to detect.  She felt run down all the time and the ache that her whole body had was excruciating.  They finally diagnosed her and she is doing so much better after treatment.  It's a lifelong disease and if not controlled is unbearable to live with.

I live here in New Hampshire and Number 4 on this list is scary enough for me to run around in pants the entire tick season.  Seriously, there are deer everywhere around my house and I think I'll be just fine in pants.  Especially since my legs haven't seen the light of day since 1970.  :)

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