In its first week, the 2022 Winter Olympics has already engulfed viewers with incredible highlights, heartbreak and hysteria.

While the United States isn't atop the medal standings, the country's athletes are having a successful campaign. Fortunately for us here in Maine, we have a number of athletes representing the red, white and blue, and the Pine Tree State. Some of those athletes have already had a busy schedule.

Five athletes from Maine, or with significant ties to the state, are competing for the greatest honor in their respected sports.

Clare Egan is competing in her second Olympics in the greatest sport in the world, biathlon. Former UMaine track teammates, now Team USA mates, Frank Del Duca and Jimmy Reed, will take part in bobsled. Sophia Laukli will make her Olympic debut on the cross country ski tracks. And Emily Sweeney competed valiantly in luge for the second consecutive Olympic Games.

While some competitions have already wrapped up, there's still plenty to look forward to in the remainder of the games. That includes four of the five athletes with Maine ties.

Below is a closer looks at the Maine five, their results so far, and their expected schedule moving forward.

For those trying to keep track of the Mainers at the games, here is a comprehensive list of events and expected start times that are still left at the games.

Let the games begin.

An Update of Mainers at the Olympic Games

Maine's Olympians had a very active first week in Beijing. However, more awaits in the second and final week of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Here is a closer look at the schedule.

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