When William Shakespeare wrote his plays, as the rumor goes, they were all intended to be enjoyed outdoors. And, they are all way better when the action heats up... just as the sun is setting behind the trees.Get thyself and thy paramour to this most noted of free date-nights... the 7th Season of Fenix Theatre Co.'s offerings in and around the ponds at Deering Oaks Park in the center of Portland. The play this summer is "As You Like It." It's funny as hell and the action picks you up and carries you with it... solid, solid acting by some local famous and up and coming actors, directed by Peter Brown who enjoys a little slap-stick with his Bard.

Well, okay, a lot of slapstick.  The surrounding trees and hillsides add some sound-proofing, but the actors project fully--which just adds to the explosive moments of comedy and action. And sweat-stained costumes. These folks are working hard for your enjoyment!

Nutshell version: Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, girl pretends to be another boy to teach her boy how to woo her. Go figure: it's classic Shakespeare.

It's going on a few more weeks, so see it--and put a couple bucks in the big blue bucket when they pass it around. Fenix is a non-profit, and every dime counts.  It will help them keep bringing this quality to their growing number of fans.


Shakespeare's Always Good for A Row
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