As the temperatures cool off, people come from far and wide in the fall to check out another one of Maine's natural gifts, the trees. While it may sound mundane and boring to some, others find the bouquet of colors to be worth a day trip. Some people peep the leaves from their car, some go for a hike through the woods. But if you're all about efficiency when doing your leaf peeping, the Camden Snow Bowl may be the best of all worlds this October.

Facebook via Camden Snow Bowl
Facebook via Camden Snow Bowl

Shared on Facebook by Camden Snow Bowl, they plan on turning on the chairlifts at Ragged Mountain so that leaf peepers and adventure seekers can experience a panoramic view of all the brilliant colors from Downeast Maine. Camden Snow Bowl will give visitors the option to take the chairlift back down the mountain, or if you're feeling like you need to move your legs a little, you can hike back down the mountain to extend your visit. Camden Snow Bowl will provide maps to those that worry about getting lost.

The triple chairlifts will be operational every Sunday in October from 10am-2pm. If you can't make it on a Sunday, the chairlifts will also be running on one Saturday, October 8, from 10am-2pm. Camden Snow Bowl suggests visitors wear sensible shoes, bring a jacket of blankets, and naturally pack a camera and some water for a day filled with incredible views. Just a reminder, pets are not allowed on the chairlifts, no matter their size.

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