According to Portland Food Map, Wharf Street in Portland's Old Port is about to the home of another new restaurant. This time, it'll be a new Mexican restaurant called Jefe Juan's, that plans to serve everything from house-made burritos to salads to lobster rolls. And of course, you pretty much can't be a new restaurant opening in Portland without a craft beer and cocktail list.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Jefe Juan's will open at 47 Wharf Street from the same owner of another popular Wharf Street location, Mash Tun. The new restaurant is actually named after the Mash Tun chef, and will include some of the chef's personal favorite recipes. One of the signature cocktails  listed in the sample menu proposed to the City of Portland was a "Mexican Lobster Cocktail". We can only imagine.

As of this writing, there is no exact date for the opening of Jefe Juan's.


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