Throughout December and into the new year, Maine has been without any significant snowfall. A small storm here, a dusting there, but nothing that makes anyone pause since November. But forecasters are warning that there's a very good chance that changes early next week, when a potential Nor'Easter could dump up to a foot of snow on some spots across New England.

For Maine specifically, it could be a potential significant snow event for half the state on late Tuesday into Wednesday. Long range forecast models, including the GFS shared by Robert LaRoche, call for southern Maine to get hit with between 8-11 inches. The central portion of the state would only see between 2-5 inches in this model.

But if you're still a snow naysayer, there may be a little hope you can hold onto. Other models have this storm system going out to sea, or being a mix of rain and snow, something we've been accustomed to seeing over the last 6 weeks or so.

So before hitting up the Hannafords for all of that bread and milk, keep your eyes peeled to more definitive forecasts over the weekend as the storm begins its trek up the east coast. Could be the big one we've been waiting for, or just another dud.

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