Generosity and kindness are two vital traits that each and every person should possess. Some people do not have the means to be generous, but can certainly find it within themselves to be kind. Unfortunately, we live in a world where kindness and generosity are not always the first thoughts people have in mind.

A military veteran named Gary Ackley from the Lewiston area allowed us to share his post from Facebook. As you can see, he calls it a rant, but in truth, it is much more of a telling story about how we still have a long way to go in terms of relations in this country.

Many of us in Maine have been faced with being short on money and having to sacrifice things that we want, or perhaps need, because of it. The kindness of strangers can not only help us in one distinct moment, but can also have a lasting effect in our memory. One kind act can lead to future kind acts.

I spent my first twenty years on Earth in Lewiston. I went through the school system, which can be difficult for a lot of kids. I spent most of my childhood in Tall Pines, a residential community that didn't always have the best reputation. Lewiston isn't perfect, but when I hear stories like Gary Ackley's, it gives me hope that the population in Lewiston is realizing that we're all in this together. I applaud Gary for choosing the right option when it would have been easier to do nothing at all.


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