Celebrating the the 30th anniversary of Dirt, Alice In Chains' cover photographer on the classic 1992 album is sharing some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot. On the band's official Instagram page, artist Rocky Schenck details the creation of the iconic desert landscape featuring a nude model covered in sand.

Schenk had a certain vision in mind: "​"I wanted this cover to have a rather 'Hellish' atmosphere. It was (the band’s) idea to have a nude woman, half-buried in the desert. She could be either dead or alive."

Rather than taking model Mariah O'Brien and the crew to the actual desert to snap the cover, Schenck took the project into his studio. "Rocky built a (desert) in his Hollywood Studio so he could control the aesthetics and lighting. He painted the sky backdrop, constructed miniature mountains, and made the desert floor from foam core and clay. Rocky also left a body-shaped hole in the “ground” just big enough for (the model) to climb into," explains the post.

The first photo in the gallery is a spectacular shot of O'Brien sunk into the sun-baked ground, her hair spilling out onto the cracked clay surface. The second is a fourth-wall breaking photo of the crew using hairdryers to dry out the base of the mock desert. The last one is of some kittens hanging out in the studio, on the edge of the hole carved out for the model. Scroll through the post below.

Schenck notes how special the time making this cover was, saying, "All of my experiences with Alice in Chains have been great, life-changing experiences. I'm very thankful for the truly brilliant times that I've had with these amazing guys."

Alice In Chains' have been posting rare media and memories surrounding the release of Dirt on Sept. 29, 1992, an album that helped ushered in the hey-day of grunge. The band has shared some rare, if not awkward, behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the video for ""Them Bones," one of Dirt's biggest songs. Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney recently talked about when they thought AIC had "made it" as a band. And next month, Alice In Chains will unleash a huge Dirt box set to official commemorate the anniversary.

The box includes a variety of vinyl and collectibles, including a sculpture of model Mariah O'Brien (which serves as both a vinyl topper and a magnet,) replica show posters and a setlist, art prints and a hardcover book full of photos. Sadly, it looks like the pre-orders for the $275 boxset are already sold out. The band is offering some other Dirt goodies, though, all available on their website.

Alice In Chains are currently on tour- you can get tickets here.

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