Is 2019 the year that All-American Rejects "swing, swing, swings" back onto our music radar? The Tyson Ritter-led outfit have been relatively quiet in terms of musical output since their 2012 full-length Kids in the Streets, but there is renewed hope for an album thanks to a New Year's social media posting from the group.

"Happy 2019 Rejects! Looks like something might be coming this year," states a posting from the group, featuring a four-way split photo of the band's members.

The group hasn't been totally off the radar over the last half decade, issuing a two-song EP in 2017, a soundtrack song in 2015 for the Tyson Ritter-starring film Miss You Already and unleashing the track "DGAF" coinciding with their 2016 tour with Blink-182.

The band split from Interscope last February, and it is not known at present who will be issuing any new music that might come from the group. Stay tuned to see what All-American Rejects have in store for 2019.

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