Goodwill Northern New England

Whether you’ve gone there to shop, you’ve donated clothes, or you’ve just driven by one of the many locations, you have had some sort of relationship with a Goodwill store.

It’s a classic and reliable place you can count on to get rid of your old things after a spring cleaning purge or the perfect place to peruse for a special and unique item, from houseware to clothing and more.

I am a sucker for a thrift store and I have to hold myself back when I drive by one because I am addicted to it, a hunter and gatherer of donated items. You never know what you’re going to stumble upon and you can’t own too many pairs of pants if they’re only $6!!!

Since I do have a wee bit of a problem, I tend to hoard too many clothes in my tiny closet and I have to go through more often than the average bear and purge my belongings. I look at items one by one and say, “Meghan... Honestly, will you ever wear this?” and I toss it in a trash bag to bring to my local Falmouth Goodwill.

I just did one of my classic spring clean purges and I just recently, as in like, two days ago, threw four trash bags worth of clothes into the back of my car. I’ve driven by Goodwill handfuls of times but have been too lazy to stop.

Well, I definitely should have. Because I don’t even have the option to anymore.

Maine Goodwills Pause Donations

From now until July 5, all Goodwill locations in Maine will not be accepting donations as well as two locations in New Hampshire in Portsmouth and Somersworth.

As shared by WGME, this is due to supply and staff shortages and Goodwill Northern New England hopes to resolve this issue sooner than July 5 and they will update us all if that changes.

We’ve all been seeing the effects of staff shortages across the state, from hours of operations fluctuating to businesses having to close down completely. Hopefully, things will get better soon!

Until then… You’ll find me with trash bags in the back of my car.

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