I don't know about you but there are days after work where I could just really go for a beer and I have a relatively low-stress job most of the time.

Imagine being on the frontlines of COVID-19.

Yeah, just thinking about that makes me want a beer.

Allagash Brewing Company wants to help these folks in the best way they know how. One dollar beer!

They'd be giving it away for free if it weren't for laws that prohibit it. So for just a buck, medical professionals with their medical ID can get a 12-pack of Maine favorite, Allagash White. (Limit one per customer.)

Even better, Allagash isn't even keeping that dollar. It's going straight to Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.

Get all the details on their Facebook fan page here.

Facebook via Allagash Brewing Company
Facebook via Allagash Brewing Company
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