Rob and Elliot are Builder of the House, tonight's guests on Spinout. Their new ep "Hourglass" is out now and their videos are so well done you must check them out! These might be two of the best local videos ever produced. See for yourself! 

These guys do quality work on record and with their videos. Says a lot about a band. Their video below for "There Is No Hourglass..." has been picked up by MTV-U. rightfully so, the song and video are super great. It must have taken years and years and years to make that video. Talk about patience. Insane work here. The video to follow is based on Rob's family from many years ago in Maine. They shot it at spots connected to his family from way back. So well done. See for your self below and like the guys on FB!! Visit them. Make 'em your new friends of yours. As you'll see, they're kinda worth it!




Hey, our fellow Town Square Media Co-Worker Anna Gravel (from our sister station WHOM) is one of the stars of this video!