Leave it to Andy Samberg to do something so nutty. Of course if you don't have HBO you're screwed (see: Montage of Heck), but hey those subscribers should have a blast! 


I believe Andy Samberg should be bigger. And better for that matter.

In terms of Saturday Nite Live, he's a star for sure. He's a natural with comedy and his digital shorts have become a major thing for the show. The offshoot from SNL, his comedy music trio The Lonely Island are hilarious, but how far can that go?  

Samberg has just been Ok with box office stuff. I Love You Man was eh, Hot Rod was pretty funny, but not a go-to before Super Troopers, Fletch or Old School or well, you get the picture.

I've never heard one person talk about his TV show 21 Jump Street Brooklyn 90210 or whatever. So what gives? What does he need? Better roles? Better writing? A better agent? Well, until then all he can do is try to make people laugh when the opportunities arise. Looks like he might accomplish that and impress with this cool fake-umentary about a tennis match that lasts 7 days long. Airing on the home of long ass tennis, the home of Wimbledon, HB to the O. Catch it if you can!