No, Star Wars isn't filming in Maine.

Another fake news story about Maine is making the rounds on the internet, and this time it's about the hit movie series.

Last time, people went crazy because Katy Perry was supposedly moving to Maine. That turned out to be bogus, too. We covered that story, and the Portland Press Herald even reported on the increasing number of fake "news" stories being shared on Facebook.

The website that shared the Star Wars story is called WM21 News. Ever heard of it? That's because it's fake. It even says on the "about" page that it's a "fantasy satirical news website."

So why do they do it? Simple: because people on Facebook who don't bother to check sources will share the hell out of stories like this, and it generates revenue for the website when people click through to the page. Frequently, websites like this will create dozens of fake stories and posts about the same lie, but they will change the city in the headline, so gullible people all over the country will share the post. Don't fall for it!

This same story was also copied and pasted for cities in Tennessee and Louisiana: