Photos showing a truck going over a wall at an apartment building, nearly landing on Main Street in South Paris, have us wondering how this happened.

Ellen Blier Burnham shared three photos taken Wednesday of a Ford F-150 dangling nose first toward the sidewalk on Main Street across from McDonald's in South Paris. It got there after breaking through a retaining wall in a parking lot at an apartment building.

Ellen Blier Burnham

UPDATE: According to the Sun Journal, 45-year-old Corey Higgins hit the gas somehow with the truck in drive and broke through the wall. The wall was damaged pretty badly, but he's okay and so is the truck.

A towing service was able to pull the truck up from where it stopped back into the parking lot.

Ellen Blier Burnham

As of now though, no reason has been given for why the driver went forward through the wall, but it seems it could have been a mistake of not putting the truck in reverse. Oops.