If you have been having problems with some of your Apple products, you are not alone.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is having problems with several major products including Apple Music and iCloud.

Not surprisingly, this has caused issues with not only people who are trying to listen to their favorite songs while working out, but also organizations that use Apple services for legitimate business.

According to staff members at Apple, the outage is as a result of a problem with the  domain name system, or DNS, problems.

At about 1 PM Eastern, Down Detector showed a spike in the reported outages for several products including iCloud, Apple Find My Phone, Maps, Apple TV, and Apple TV+.

Apple is just the latest company to experience severe, crippling, outages.  Several times in the last six months, Facebook has been taken down by a similar DNS issue.  In October 2022, that outage took Facebook, Instagram, and other "Meta" products down for 6+ hours.

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