There are plenty of songs out there about sultry women who take hold of the artists singing about them. For Arctic Monkeys' frontman Alex Turner, her name is 'Arabella.'

And in the new video for their latest single from 'AM,' they take us into a biker bar where anything can happen -- especially things that are probably not suitable for viewing at your office.

Director Jack Nava, best known for Beyonce's great 'Single Ladies' and 'Crazy in Love' clips, helms this black-and-white and kinda artsy treat. But instead of synchronized choreography, Turner busts his own special moves in the video.

There's no real narrative to the 'Arabella' clip -- which you can watch above -- but there's plenty of action going on inside the bar and behind closed doors. We don't see any of the Monkeys getting intimate with the ladies -- they're too busy tearing up the stage -- but others sorta do. And yeah, there's nudity. So watch out where you view this one.

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