You take the two biggest superheros of all time and finally pair them up in a big time movie with a big time budget... you know even the trailer is gonna be insane!! 




Look like too much CGI?

It's just the trailer, but are you ready to give up on Christian Bale for Ben Affleck as the caped crusader (not that we have a choice now but still..). 

The last Superman, did that do well enough to put him into this role yet? I don't remember anyone caring about it very much when it came out. I only notice the $2.99 used copies weighing down every store I go to since it came out.

Hey we love these comic movies come to life... but it's it getting to be a bit overload lately? 

Are you psyched to see two heroes going up against each other? 

You bummed that after a good run of Batman's, let me restate that A GREAT RUN of recent Batman's that his whole thing is able to be altered again? Look, style, voice, extras. 

Whatever your answers are to these questions, or mine, this will surely pummel the box offices when it hits theaters next year. Probably a better time since there's so much boom, crash and bam stuff going on this year with Mad Max, X-Men, Fantastic 4, James Bond, Mission Impossible, Avengers, etc.