If there is one thing Portland is known for, it’s the bites and booze. Since our city is flowing with local craft brews, cocktails made from scratch, and menus orchestrated by professional chefs, it can be hard to compete in this scene.

If you’re a true blue local, you’ve noticed the iconic location at 51 Wharf St. has been vacant for nearly five years and you have been wondering when and what is going to make its new home on the cobble street.

Rathskeller on Wharf just opened on Tuesday and is the epitome of all things Wharf Street: jazzy, classy dinner atmosphere in the evening, and a bar scene at night when the chairs get pulled out for room on the floor.

Nestled right at the entrance of Wharf across from Portland Harbor Hotel, you walk through the door down to a tucked-away oasis.

The first thing you’ll notice is the warm ambiance, exposed brick, and dim lighting. But keep walking, because the best part is the mural in the back.

Whether you’re looking for tavern food, a prime rib-style steak, a handmade cocktail, or a local brew on tap, this spot has it for you.

The menu is fairly priced, and their grains are shipped fresh every week from the Carolinas; specifically, grains that are going extinct in an effort to bring them back into the food market.

If you’re tired of the dive bar scene but not wanting to drop bands on the fine dining spots in Portland, this is a great in-between.

For me, it’s a perfect place to grab a cocktail and complimentary spiced popcorn at the end of a long day at the office. With soothing jazz, dim lighting, and friendly staff, it will definitely take the edge off.

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