On Thursday night, January 21, a Bangor Police Officer and their K-9 partner Jesi made a traffic stop and Jesi ended up doing a search which turned up meth, but not where she originally thought it was.

According to a post on the Bangor Maine Police Department Facebook page by TC, Jesi knew there was some illegal substance nearby, but after a thorough search of the vehicle turned up nothing. She wasn't done though.

Doing what dogs tend to do, her nose went for the crotch of a woman who was in the car and Jesi hit the jackpot, so to speak. 1.7 grams were found in the nether regions and Jesi's job was done.

"For the record," TC writes, "we are positive that this bag of meth is nothing but a speck in the scheme of the narcotics that are being funneled through Bangor. In a multitude of our traffic stops we are finding plenty of heroin, meth, fentanyl, and many other substances."

The Bangor PD is lucky to have Jesi who was able to locate where the meth was hidden. I'm happy to say that all the times a dog uncomfortably sniffed my crotch, I didn't end up being hauled off in the back of a cruiser to jail. The same can't be said for this woman.

Jesi celebrated by hopping on top the the microwave at the Bangor Police Department. It's hard to say no to that after a job well done. That long tongue sticking out is a sign of a proud and happy K-9.

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