I grew up going to Barnes & Noble almost every weekend, I was that kid in school walking the halls with my head down in a good book hoping not to bump into people.

I remember back in high school, I would always go to the Burlington Mall in Massachusetts, and I would literally run across a main street just to get to the biggest Barnes & Noble in the area.

You are able to find a plethora of Barnes & Noble locations in Massachusetts as well as New Hampshire, however, you will only find one of the bookstore locations in Maine. That is all about to change.

If you are a fan of Barnes & Noble, or just want another bookstore in Maine, you are in luck.

According to News Center Maine, this year (2023), Barnes & Noble is finally expanding and adding a second location in Maine.

Currently, there is a Barnes & Noble located in Augusta, Maine, on Marketplace Drive. However, News Center Maine states that come mid-July, there will be a second location in  Brunswick that will be a part of the Merrymeeting Plaza.

That's right, this summer we are getting a new bookstore, and honestly, I cannot wait until it opens.

Of course, there are many other bookstores and places to buy books throughout the state of Maine, such as Bull Moose and Books-A-Million.

Bull Moose has locations in Maine where you can even get some books for only 50 cents. You can find Bull Moose in Bangor, Scarborough, South Portland, Biddeford, Brunswick, Lewiston, North Windham, and Waterville.

Books-A-Million has 3 locations total in Maine located in South Portland (by the Maine Mall), Bangor, and Auburn.

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