As 24-7 work continues on replacing the Bath viaduct on Route 1, traffic is a mess. The Bath Police Department is reminding people to follow the instructions on traffic signs when going through the area.

Construction on the viaduct started in May and is scheduled to be completed on Memorial Day of 2017. Traffic is being rerouted and lanes come together in an alternating merge as shown in the this MaineDOT graphic.


An alternating merge is a pretty basic concept. Each car takes turns moving from their lane into the same lane at the merge point. A car from the left, then the right, then the left and so on. Easy right? Not when you have people that won't let the other car in.


This is very similar to a zipper merge. This instructional video from Kansas Transportation shows you how it's done. You know they've had it rough with merging when the they have to explain it to drivers like they're children.

So take turns okay? And don't turn left. All these signs should make it obvious.