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Lee Goldberg has been a News Center Maine staple for decades. From the sports desk to the Morning Report Mainers rely on Lee for the hard news and a few laughs. Lee has always been open about his personal life. Typically, we're hearing joyful news of another Goldberg baby. This weekend, however, we learned that Lee has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.


Lee made the announcement on Facebook about his diagnosis. As always in the best of spirits, it's no message of doom and gloom. Thankfully his cancer was caught early and this is due to something called Prostate Specific Antigen, or PSA. Lee states that he never showed the normal common signs of prostate cancer, but thanks to routine blood exams at his routine physical that, after 50 years of age checks for PSA, Lee and his doctors saw that there was something wrong. Over time it was confirmed that it was, in fact, prostate cancer. The good news is that thanks to this testing it was caught early, giving Lee a lot of options to tackle the cancer head-on with a plan that works for him.

Lee states that even though it's routine after 50 years of age, he recommends any male request the test if they're getting blood drawn anyway.

See his full message here:

So, What's Next?

While Lee hasn't made the specifics of his plan public, he will be taking some time off from the newsdesk. Not to mention baby Theo is due in just a few months!

We wish Lee nothing but the best in his journey. We love you and you've got this!

Be sure to follow Lee on his journey on Facebook here and for more information on PSA check out the resources below:

National Cancer Institute
Web MD
Mayo Clinic
Prostate Cancer Free Foundation

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