There are some crimes that you can probably rationalize, and then there's this. A Brunswick resident is feverishly searching for the 150lb, 2-foot-tall, concrete elephant that was stolen from their front porch last Wednesday, February 12th. According to their post on Reddit, the elephant was custom-made and served as housewarming gift, leaving behind a heartbroken homeowner.

Reddit via chippy-the-chipmunk
Reddit via chippy-the-chipmunk

Beyond the bizarre crime of stealing someone's custom-made front porch decoration, there's also the matter of how one goes about stealing a large slab of concrete without being detected. If you're going to steal an object this large and heavy, you've got to have yourself a legitimate plan. This hardly seems like a crime on a whim.

Along with contacting the Brunswick Police Department, the homeowner has put up dozens of posters around Brunswick hoping for leads to track down the missing elephant. In fact, the missing elephant is part of a pair. The other concrete elephant still remains and after the first one was taken, the homeowner is worried the second one may be next.

If you have any information to its whereabouts please contact Ofc Burns at 207-721-4319 or

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