Chris Evans saved the world from Hydra. Now, Captain America is saving China in this trailer for Call of Duty Online.

We've known for a while that one of the most popular first-person shooter franchises on the market will be coming out with a free-to-play online game in China. However, we didn't know that we would be seeing Chris Evans in a trailer for it. In this trailer, Captain America actor Chris Evans leads a team of players through what Polygon claims is a live-action recreation of what fans can expect to see in the free game. Evans not only fights unseen enemies in helicopters, but also ground forces, zombies, zombies with guns and a giant monstrosity.

Including a famous face for a Call of Duty TV spot is not new for Activision, with previous COD commercials featuring Jimmy Kimmel, Kobe Bryant, Robert Downey Jr. and many more.

There's no official launch date for Call of Duty Online in China. We really want to see if this free-to-play version expands to other regions.

Even if it's free, it sounds authentic:

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