On November 16, a California-based brewery took to Instagram to request the help of other breweries nationwide to raise money for the victims of the deadly wildfires in California, according to an article by News Center Maine.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. released the statement, including that they were working towards finding donations of ingredients to craft and brew "Resilience Butte County Proud” IPA and sharing that recipe with any willing participants, as stated in that article.

So far, News Center Maine says that at least four Maine breweries, including Urban Farm Fermentory, Kennebunkport Brewing Co., Mason's Brewing Co., and Allagash Brewing Co. are participating!

Information in the article also says that Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has asked that 100 percent of proceeds are donated to help victims of the wildfires, and today is the set date to start the "collaboration brew."

It would sure be interesting to taste a few of the brews and see how they compare, especially considering that Allagash is slightly tweaking their recipe by using their own choice of malt, according to News Center Maine.

Charity with beer anyone?

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