Get ready for the biggest winter festival in Portland, Maine history. Carnaval Maine is coming to Portland's Eastern Promenade February 17-22 for 10 days of food, live music, art installations, light shows, a rail jam competition by Sunday River, and more.

There will be plenty of great music at Carnaval Maine, Acts announced so far:

Motor Booty Affair--Hello Newman ---Jason Spooner Band--- VIVA and the Reinforcements--- and many more acts to be announced!


Tim Greenway

The inaugural Carnaval Maine launched in 2020 but took last year off because of the pandemic. In 2022, Carnaval will be back and bigger than ever, 100 years after Portland celebrated its first winter festival.  The 10-day celebration kicks off with the Fire and Ice Gala. Guests will arrive by the Narrow Gauge Railway to the Eastern Promenade, where they will enjoy an evening of craft brews, cocktails, and wine paired with local cuisine.

Daily tickets are $15 and YOU CAN BUY THEM HERE

“Our theme, Fire and Ice, evokes Portland’s phoenix, a symbol of perseverance, which seems fitting during these unprecedented times,” said Brian Corcoran, CEO and Founder of Shamrock Sports & Entertainment. “Just as they have many times before, our people have persevered through this pandemic, and will come together to showcase our award-winning culinary, arts and craft communities while delivering economic impact when the region needs it most.”


Daily tickets are $15 and YOU CAN BUY THEM HERE

Tim Greenway

Carnaval Maine will celebrate all that is great about Maine. And, of course, that means great food and beer. Bites and Brews will once again bring award-winning chefs and craft brewers together for made-in-Maine pairings. Many events will take place under the Carnaval Igloo

Tim Greenway

The Eastern Prom is a perfect place for this winter festival. Let's face it, a city as great as Portland deserves to have an epic winter festival! 10 days long...let's go!!!

Daily tickets are $15 and YOU CAN BUY THEM HERE

Tim Greenway


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