The stage can be a dangerous place, and Chevelle singer-guitarist Pete Loeffler found that out firsthand Monday night (Oct. 8) in Tucson when he took a tumble off the front of the stage.

Ever the trooper, a hurting Loeffler managed to return to finish out the set after a brief intermission where he was deemed well enough to perform. He was seated for the remainder of the show.

After the show, the vocalist headed off to the hospital and the X-rays showed no broken bones. However, Loeffler did have plenty of swelling and was given a knee brace to keep things stable.

After getting the singer checked out, the band tweeted:

Chevelle do not expect to miss any shows as a result of Loeffler's injury. However, the singer may have to perform seated for the few remaining dates while the recovery from the accident begins.

Watch Pete Loeffler Perform After Taking the Fall

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