Chipotle restaurants rarely add a new protein to their menu but are testing something new for a nationwide release soon!

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Chipotle restaurants announced that they will be testing a new protein at their Kansas City locations: Chorizo. Chipotle's version of chorizo sausage will be a mix of ground pork and chicken with a blend of spices that will make it less greasy while maintaining a certain heat level. Chipotle expects chorizo to be a popular item during the test phase and if their predictions hold true, they will unveil the new protein nationwide later this year.

JD's Take: I'm not going to pretend I've had a lot of chorizo in my life, but the idea of any new protein at Chipotle makes me happy. When they were out of carnitas for like a month, I was lost. Now I feel like when we fast forward a year and i've eaten like 100 chorizo tacos, I'll become an expert and annoy all of you. Food. Yes.