Everyone who lived in Maine during the ice storm of 1998 remembers the long-standing struggle it left behind. Central Maine Power, the company that services much of Maine, also struggled during the ice storm to restore power, with some people going as long as a 3-4 weeks without service. And now, unfortunately, the rare wind storm that kicked into high gear overnight has left CMP facing a daunting challenge again.

CMP took to their Facebook page to announce they've got reports of nearly HALF of their customer base without power as of Monday morning, and the race to restore power to them will be more like a marathon. CMP went on to say to not expect much power restoration on Monday due to obstructions, like downed trees and debris, but that the company will go full bore for the remainder of the week in hopes of getting back into homes as efficiently as possible.

If you're without power and have the ability to contact CMP, you should do some immediately.

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