For more than seven decades, Cole Farms in Gray was the kind of restaurant everyone in Maine knew about. A place where you could grab a good, home-cooked meal. The restaurant eventually transformed into an institution, where people celebrated holidays and birthdays. Not only that, generations of families continued coming back, whether as guests or employees. When Cole Farms finally closed their doors for good in January of 2020, it truly felt like the end of an era. But every ending can mean a new beginning and the building that once housed Cole Farms won't be empty for much longer.

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Shared on Facebook by Beatrice Louise, the old Cole Farms is set to become a new restaurant/pub called Trails n' Ales in the not-too-distant future. The new owners of the business have big aspirations for the space but plan to start by opening the restaurant and bar this year. Some of their offerings will include a familiar breakfast, lunch and appetizer menu to fans of Cole Farms. They'll also be some updates and new items to try as well.

Next year, Trails n' Ales plans to expand their offerings to include outdoor rentals and a retail store on site. The new owners did not give many details on what exactly they'd be offering in either of those departments but more information on that is likely coming soon.

There is no firm date for Trails 'n Ales to open as of this writing.

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