The internet caught fire yesterday after photos of a 20 year old college student driving a pink Barbie jeep to class.


20-year-old Tara Monroe has become an internet sensation due to her somewhat ingenious idea to get around a suspended license. Monroe lost her license in Texas after a DUI conviction in March and opted for different way of transportation around Texas State University, the college she attends.

According to the San Antonio Express, Monroe thinks "riding a bike sucks" so she decided to purchase a battery powered toy Barbie jeep from Craigslist. It didn't take long before students at Texas State University started noticing an odd site. An adult woman crunched inside a small, hot pink toy jeep maxing out at about 5 miles per hour.

Tara Monroe told the San Antonio Express that "this is the best way I could've gotten my 15 minutes of fame". She might be right. Check out more than 100 photos of Monroe "speeding" around TSU's campus in her hot pink Barbie-mobile courtesy of the San Antonio Express here.