This I know conspiracy theories have been picking up A LOT lately in the last year, but what people think the earthquake in Maine last week ACTUALLY was is...wowzahs.

Let's back up and start from the beginning. Back on December 9, a 3.0 magnitude earthquake was felt in Washington County. It happens in Northern New England, and we usually joke around and rehash the "We Will Rebuild" meme of 4 patio chairs on a lawn with one tipped over, and we laugh, and move on with our lives.

This one though -- holy BANANAS did this take a VERY different and unexpected turn. (And before I go any further, for the record, I'm not coming at anyone for their opinions -- just stating relaying information.)

Now, I've looked around and I'm not exactly sure where or how this theory started (other than Twitter, which is where most headlines start now I feel like), but some tweets randomly popped up a few days ago suggesting what was reported on an F-16 plane crashing in Michigan was incorrect.

According to USA Today, last Wednesday the 9th, an F-16 plane crashed in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan during routine night training. The pilot unfortunately didn't survive. And as if that pain isn't enough, losing a family member unexpectedly around the holidays, now the family has to go through the conspiracy theories that the plane was actually shot down by Chinese soldiers (hey - I told you, this was all VERY out of left field).

So, apparently, the conspiracy theory about the earthquake in Maine on that same day is that it wasn't at all an earthquake, but a response from the U.S. for the Chinese supposedly shooting down that plane. According to an article in Task & Purpose, the belief by some theorists is that the earthquake wasn't an earthquake at all, but instead 50,000 Chinese soldiers being eliminated by "anti-personnel bombs" while trying to invade the States.

Task & Purpose actually reached out to the Maine National Guard for comment, which was basically an immediate, "No, that didn't even come close to happening." That wasn't the actual quote, but that was the gist of it.

The Military Times also wrote an article about this situation, and said not only are the Chinese not in Maine and not only were they not bombed, but the spread of misinformation is extremely dangerous.

So, anyway, according to those sources (the main one being the Maine National Guard), I guess I just wanted to let you know that no, those weren't bombs last Wednesday, it was in fact a 3.0 magnitude earthquake.

Chalk this one up to 2020 being a wild ride, I suppose. Now let's all get back to wrapping Christmas gifts or lighting the final Hanukkah candle on the Menorah tonight and try to enjoy ourselves.

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