1637 Post Road | Wells, ME

The house that's home to Joshua's Restaurant in Wells, Maine was built in 1776. Until it was purchased by the Mathers Family or the restaurant in 2004, it was a private home. Today, the chef serves up "slow food" in a cozy dining room setting. If you want to try Joshua's Restaurant you better get there before the line forms.


The original late-1700s "birthing room" serves as the reception area while the original "keeping room", where meals were prepared in the colonial area, became one of the dining rooms.


Yelp.com reviewer David B. says:

Hands down, this is one of the best restaurants in the world. That it is located in Wells, ME, and not in some big city means few people will be lucky enough to try it. If you need an excuse to visit or vacation in Maine, dining at Joshua's should be top of list.

Yelp.com reviewer Brian G. sums up the vibe at Joshua's Restaurant perfectly:

Last point would be the ambiance of this place. It really feels like eating in someone's house. There is a very warm and inviting appeal to the design and feel of the dining areas and the bar.