Ohio is for lovers and New England is for hauntings! Stephen King wears the crown when it comes to creating fear around the world with the help of a few Maine locales. If Halloween is everyday for you or you're a King super fan and you can't wait for the new It sequel, this tour might be right up your alley.

Stephen King Promotes "Under The Dome" At Wal-Mart
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Year round, you and 5 friends (including pets) can tour with King expert Stuart Tinker! Tinker has been touring fans for over 18 years and so far there are no reports of anyone dying! According to SK Tours of Maine, the tour will cover over 30 sites including filming locations from some of King's most popular films (It, Pet Sematary) with tales about the legendary writer.

So grab your pet alligators and plan the most badass family picture out in the famous Pet Sematary!

For more information and to book your tour click here!

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