Didn't see or hear about this one coming. Here's a classic we all know now in a brand new (and from the looks of it) pretty friggin' exciting way! 



Well, they definitely chose to go the more adventurous route with this live action adaptation of the popular children's book. As you saw in the credits, there's some huge acting names like Bill Murray, Christopher Walken and Scarlett Johnson lending their voices to surely some lovable animals, but this thing looks to me a bit more serious and breathtaking than just silly goofy sing a longs. Jon Favreau who's acted in Swingers, Rudy and Iron Man to name a few and who's directed Iron Man 1 &2, Elf, and Chef to name a few directed this film.

We shall see how this is, but from the trailer... it looks pretty damn good. What can Disney transfer from animated to live action next? What new classics can they make? Knowing Disney... anything is possible.