A favorite time of year for many Mainers is hunting season.

And in Maine, there are a lot of different animals you can hunt, at specific times, of course.

Onxmaps.com highlights that "Maine is known for exceptional waterfowl hunting, especially for sea ducks. It’s also been one of the most-improved states for whitetail deer hunting that features five seasons and 79 days of hunting opportunity."

The website adds that the addition of moose and black bear hunting means a lot of options when it comes to the Pine Tree State.

Thankfully, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has a helpful website that lists season dates and bag limits, which you can see here.

Dear season starts in September, and depending on how you choose to hunt (crossbow, firearm, muzzleloader, etc) can end by early December, according to the wildlife department.

The website lists a bunch of other animals and the info on when you can hunt them. Did you know it's OK to hunt skunk starting in October?

But here's the thing: with hunting comes the extra safety precautions, especially for our furry dog friends.

All of our good boys & good girls are at risk of if we're not careful during hunting season. Lots of Mainers enjoy hiking with their furry best friends, which, if you're unaware of your surroundings could land your pup in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ethos Veterinary Health says that not only should you wear hunter orange (or blaze orange) if you're out in the woods on a hike, but so should your dog.

It helps make you much more visible to any hunters out there.

Also, a leash is a good idea, and don't encourage your pets to chase wildlife for fun.

An article from the Bangor Daily News echoes those things by noting that any nonhunters wearing orange is "a wise precaution for anyone who is spending time outdoors, especially in the fall."

So definitely be careful out there and wear some bright colors, and knowing when hunting is taking place can be extra helpful. It'll help keep you and your pup safe.

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